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The Last Ride

An action-packed Western novel set outside Tucson, Arizona in the 1870s. Retired from the Indian Wars, and over the hill, Joe Blaine is forced to strap on his gun and face four killers in order to save his best friend's son, and to find happiness with Maria. $14.95 + $2.50 P&H 211 pgs. Order via mail: Send check or money order to James Gibson, PO Box 51, Novi, MI 48376

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Ralph Gillum’s book, Beagles and Beagling, is primarily a compilation of his various articles about the sport of brace beagling, giving the reader a survey course in breeding and training the beagles, how field trials are conducted, other leading participants in the sport, and various issues that have arisen over 50 years of the sport. Also included are questions from participants, and Ralph’s answers. This book presents a good overview of the sport of brace beagling.

Now available at the Amazon Kindle Store | $2.99. 


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