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The Last Ride

An action-packed Western novel set outside Tucson, Arizona in the 1870s. Retired from the Indian Wars, and over the hill, Joe Blaine is forced to strap on his gun and face four killers in order to save his best friend's son, and to find happiness with Maria. $14.95 + $2.50 P&H 211 pgs. Order via mail: Send check or money order to James Gibson, PO Box 51, Novi, MI 48376

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Ralph Gillumís book, Beagles and Beagling, is primarily a compilation of his various articles about the sport of brace beagling, giving the reader a survey course in breeding and training the beagles, how field trials are conducted, other leading participants in the sport, and various issues that have arisen over 50 years of the sport. Also included are questions from participants, and Ralphís answers. This book presents a good overview of the sport of brace beagling.

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Searching with Pei For the Meaning of Life, a work of speculative fiction based on scientific fact. Vacationer Eric Purcell makes his way to Sun Yat-sen Park in upland Maui, seeking answers to his angst about the meaning of life. He encounters a quiet Chinese retiree who introduces himself as Chi, Pei-sheng. As they stand looking down over Maui Bay, Pei remarks that Eric has found a place of power that Pei often visits from his nearby villa. Thus begins a shared journey that leads the two seekers to examine the latest scientific findings of quantum physics, Oriental teachings and philosophy, how the evolution of the eye made human existence possible, and how our universe is one of many emanating from the Multiverse. As the journey unfolds, Eric realizes he is pursuing answers to two questions, not one:

-Why does the Universe manifest and support consciousness in the form of human life?

-What is the meaning of life for each of us as an individual?

(Trade paperback, 278 pages. $16.00 US; $18 Canadian)

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To Live or Die in Taiwan, a mystery set in Taiwan. Kidnapped or murdered? When the President of Global Motors Corporationís automobile manufacturing complex in Taiwan, Michael Collins, disappears, corporate management believes they are dealing with a straightforward kidnapping by one of the Triads to extort a ransom payment. Ex-Navy SEAL Eric Hawke, employed by Stonewall Security Systems, is sent to negotiate Collinsís release. When Eric arrives in Taiwan, Inspector Lori Chen of the Taipei Police Department is assigned to assist him with cultural issues and language problems as they investigate the case. But as their initial contacts begin to die in mysterious accidents, Eric realizes much more is going on that a simple kidnapping. He also becomes concerned that Lori is manipulating him behind the scenes. When he narrowly escapes death by killing an assassin and then faces capital punishment for his death from the Taiwan government, Eric finds that he is fighting for his own life as well as Collinsís.

(Trade paperback, 280 pages. $9.99 US; $12 Canadian)


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