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Anasazi Princess: The Series Begins...

Anasazi Princess is an amazing story that combines traditional Western romance with Native American shamanism to create a “New Age” Western. Caleb Stone returns to Mancos, Colorado to avenge his father’s murder. After he is ambushed, Tonah, a Huastec shaman hidden in Mesa Verde, and his granddaughter Shanni rescue Caleb. Tonah’s shamanistic powers restore Caleb’s health and he is drawn into the Huastec’s quest to return to the Mayan “Center” of their civilization.

Excerpt from The Anasazi Princess 

Fighting his fatigue, Tonah lay down on his blanket and entered the trance-like state to project his awareness. He pushed out to a power spot and sought the vantage point of a bird to survey the surroundings. He adjusted the vibrations, moving down the spectrum, seeking...Tonah exercised his volition and nosed over into a powerful dive.
     “It’s over,” Caleb said. “Better let me see to that wound.”
     “Let it alone. It’s too late for that.” Inman’s eyes burned with hatred. “I’m just trying to get strength enough to finish you.”
     “You’ll never get out by yourself.”
     “I know.”
     “You want to kill me that badly?”
     “Even if it’s with my dying breath.”
     Caleb glanced over to where his revolver had landed in the rocks, too far! Inman attempted to raise the rifle and it wavered.

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Anasazi Journey 

The Anasazi Quest saga continues...Anasazi Princess Shanni and her people, the Huastecs, are lost and suffering in the desert of New Mexico as they attempt to journey south to the “Center” of their ancient Mayan homeland. Seeking help, they fall into the hands of renegade leader Kaibito and become his prisoners. The Huastec shaman, Tonah, realizes that a more sinister force threatens the Huastecs and the life of Caleb Stone, who has arrived to help Shanni and the Huastecs. Jorge Tupac utilizes the ancient sorcery of the Mayans to trap and attempt to murder Shanni, forcing her, Caleb, and Tonah into a fight for their lives.

 Excerpt from Anasazi Journey 

It was the ultimate killing machine. Self-contained and mobile, its sole reason for being was to take life efficiently and remorselessly. Sampling the air as it moved, it could detect odors as small as a part per million and move without sound over rough terrain. It could set up and arm itself and lay in wait until a life form came into range. It was unaware of time and would wait patiently for hours or even days until time to act.
      In total darkness and in less than half a second it could drive forward and deliver a lethal cocktail of chemical compounds composed of proteins, proteolytic enzymes, and polypeptides of low molecular weight, setting in motion the devastating breakdown of a living organism’s was the ultimate predator: It existed only to kill.

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Anasazi Quest

Forced out of their ancestral home in Mesa Verde by drought, the Anasazi princess Shanni and her people, the Huastecs, suffer deprivation and death in the harsh desert as they journey toward their mythical “Center” in the Mayan civilization of the Yucatan. Evil sorcerers to the south perceive their approach as a threat and send waves of destruction to stop them. Anglo Caleb Stone, who loves Shanni, is drawn into the quest to overcome the sorcerers and resist bandit attacks in the desert journey. Both Caleb and Shanni must make hard choices and become different people in order to survive in a strange and hostile world and build their life together.

 Excerpt from Anasazi Quest

Tonah, shaman and spiritual leader of the Huastecs, approached the lodge of Shanni, his granddaughter. “I believe that Power has given us a new and powerful ally in Caleb Stone.” he said. 
      “Do you think you can train him in the art of sorcery?” Shanni asked.
      “Yes. He has at least suspended disbelief, although he has a strong will and we have little time in which to train.” 
      “Maybe even less time than we thought,” Shanni interjected. 
      “My prescience is warning that our time here is growing short. Some threat is moving toward us in the physical world, forcing us to act.” Tonah looked away with misgiving. Something omnious was about to happen and there was little time to prepare.

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Anasazi Desolation

The journey from Colorado into the heart of Mexico has been brutal. Opposed by Sentinels in the world of non-ordinary reality, Caleb Stone, the Anasazi princess Shanni, and their followers must overcome their desolation to reach the Center of their ancient Mayan civilization, and uncover its terrible secret.

 Excerpt from Anasazi Desolation 

HUNTAL LOOKED UP from his meditation and rose slowly to his feet, leaving the other priests kneeling silently in the dim chamber.  He exited a side door into bright sunlight, and ascended steep stone steps that led to a sheltered room on top of the pyramid.  There in a stone chair sat Popol, gazing out across the forest-covered peninsula to the blue seas of the Caribbean.
     "How beautiful it must have been," Popol said softly, sensing Huntal's presence.
     "What, Honored One?" Huntal responded, using the honorific appropriate to a superior.
     "The ancient city that spawned our civilization."
     "You mean the Maya?"
     "Oh, no. Much before that.  The city-state of vast technological advancement that was destroyed suddenly and cataclysmically."
     "You mean Poseidia, the fabled city of legend?"
     "Yes," Popol continued.  "Once island and mountains existed above the sea to the east, and on them our ancestors built a fabulous city, circled by three concentric canals split by a causeway that permittedd the passage of ocean-going vessels.  Trade ships came from all over the world, bring goods and carrying back items of fantastic manufacture.  It is said that they could harness the power of the universe itself.

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Anasazi Triumph 

After an epic journey from Mesa Verde, the Indian princess Shanni, her companion Caleb Stone, and a handful of survivors reach the Yucatan in Mexico in search of the ancient Mayan homeland of Shanni's people. When Shanni discovers the horrible secret of the Maya hidden for a thousand years, she and Caleb must use their powers of shamanism and sorcery to survive the Sentinels, evil beings sent to destroy them.

 Excerpt from Anasazi Triumph 

Huntal tried to hide his uneasiness as he entered the presence of Choctyl in the ornate chamber of the pyramid.  Everything had been going well despite the remarkable resistance of the psychics Caleb Stone, Shanni, and Aurel.  The remainder of the Huastecs were of no interest to the Sentinels, for they could not see the Center without the aid of the psychics.
   "We had almost succeeded," Choctyl bit out.  "Humans are such unpredictable weaklings.  Who could have predicted that Shanni would rally at the last moment, and exile Nerial instead of Caleb?"

PAPERBACK | $14.95

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